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Wormsloe Plantation Portrait

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

-My wife and I recently did a cross country move from San Francisco to Northern Virginia. We ended driving over 4000 miles while visiting 10 cities. Here is my dog Sage sitting on Wormsloe Plantation in Georgia. This was a wonderful area to do portraits.

A face in the trees

A face in the trees-Nature can behold art if the eye can see it. It’s subjective stuff.

Balloon Ride over Napa Valley



Pano of Napa

Pano of Napa







Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled





-My wife and I celebrated our 5th anniversary floating in a hot air balloon above the Napa Valley. The views were breathtaking. Northern California has to be one of the prettiest places on earth.

The ride was smooth. When you ascend it is like you are in an elevator. There is no turbulence and it is not windy at all. It is serene when you are up there.

If you have a fear of heights like me, you will be able to handle this. When we first started climbing altitude I was a little anxious. However, once I realized that we were stable and nothing traumatic was going to happen, I chilled out and enjoyed the ride.

I would highly recommend anyone who is adventurous and not afraid to take risks to go for a ride in the sky.

Sweet Maple

Two Egg Combo with Big Hip French Toast

Two Egg Combo with Big Hip French Toast

Two egg combo with fruit

Two egg combo with fruit

Marnier French Toast

Marnier French Toast

Swedish Pancakes

Swedish Pancakes



Turkey Paninis Chicken Panini

Turkey Paninis Chicken Panini

Martins West, Gastropub

Pat 'O' Pickles

Pat ‘O’ Pickles

Butter Lettuce with Smoked Trout

Butter Lettuce with Smoked Trout



Sticky Bread Pudding

Sticky Bread Pudding

Ploughman’s Lunch

Ploughman’s Lunch

Grilled Short Rib

Grilled Short Rib

Chick Pea Cakes, Panisse

Chick Pea Cakes, Panisse

Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad


Whole wheat fettucine with fava bean, cipollinis, and basil pesto

Arugula and frisee with roasted beets, walnuts, pecorino romano, and mustard vinaigrette

Chocolate Cake

Linguini with clams, mussels, squid, garlic-tomato shrimp brood

Marinated italian olives

Panna Cota

-Credo is rustic Italian cuisine located in the heart of San Francisco. Visit them at http://www.credosf.com/.


Cafe Des Amis, French Cuisine

Duck Leg Confit a L’Orange

Gnocci Parisiennes

Lobster Halved

Roasted Chicken

Atlantic Cod Persillade

Duck Breast a L’Orange


-Cafe Des Amis is always putting out some amazing looking dishes. Check them out at http://www.cafedesamissf.com/. If you’re not in the mood to eat out, then eat in, and get it delivered. Check out https://www.trycaviar.com/menu/171/cafe-des-amis for your delivery needs.

Oola Revisted

Chorizo and Clams

Grilled Pork Chop

Lamb Daube

Multiple Dishes

Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Pan Seared Skuna Bay Salmon

Mozzeria Italian Restaurant

Eggplant Parmigiana

Farm Egg Pizza

Panzanella Salad

Peking Duck Pizza

Roman Salad

-Before arriving at Mozzeria I was told the owners were deaf. I found myself immediately intrigued by them. Knowing the restaurant business, communication is key. Needless to say, there was no problem with communication among the staff. Everybody knew sign language and my assumption was that everyone was deaf.

Melody Stein was my point of contact. She was a very sweet woman. I appreciated her passion for food. Each dish she brought out was amazing! The colors, textures, smells, and appeal were all on point. (See above)

I left Mozzeria humbled by the experience I just encountered. I met a successful deaf restaurant owner. It goes to show that if you can dream it, you can do it. I am truly inspired by this couple.

Check them out at http://mozzeria.com/.

A 16

Arugula Salad


Margherita Pizza

Pork Meatballs


Local Petrale Sole


-Very generous staff at A 16. The plates were nicely prepared and the Margherita Pizza was on point. Fresh ingredients and wonderful flavors. Check them out if you are in the Marina in San Francisco.(http://www.a16sf.com/)

Cafe Des Amis

Grilled Chicken Paillard Salad

Winter Greens and French Lentils


Belgian Endive Salad

Ravioli Fruits De Mer

-Cafe Des Amis has some wonderful new dishes they are offering on their dinner menu. Check them out at http://www.cafedesamissf.com/.

Oola Restaurant and Bar

Swedish Pancakes

Ahi Tuna

Almond Flour Pancakes

Nuggets and Waffles

Baby Beet Salad

Loco Moco

-Oola Restaurant and Bar has some of the best looking dishes. Every dish that came out was prepared so nicely. The food was very photogenic as you can see from the shots above.  I even had a chance to try some of their dishes after the shoot. I have to say they taste as good as they look. If you are ever in the mood for New American cuisine or amazing brunch check them out online at http://www.oola-sf.com/. Also if you want to order and have it delivered check them out at Caviar. (https://www.trycaviar.com/menu/127/oola)

Chile Pies & Ice Cream Photo Shoot

Beets and Greens

Green Chile Apple Pie

Lemon Buttermilk Pie

Frito Pie

-Chile Pies and Ice Cream located in the Western Addition in San Francisco had some delicious smelling and looking food. I was out there photographing their food for a delivery service, Try Caviar (https://www.trycaviar.com/). Their food reminds me of comfort food. It’s perfect for a cold or rainy day. If you are feeling hungry and hankering for some pie, check out their Website at http://greenchilekitchen.com/ice_cream/index.html or check out Try Caviar to have it delivered https://www.trycaviar.com/menu/126/chile-pies.

Mixt Greens Mini Shoot

Toasted Salad

Porky II Salad

-I had a chance to do a mini photo shoot for Mixt Greens located in the Financial District in San Francisco. This restaurant uses the same concept as Chipotle, but instead of building your own burrito or taco, you build your own salad. The staff was friendly and the food was fresh. If you’re ever hungry and you’re looking for something nutritious and delicious check out their Website at http://mixtgreens.com/. If you don’t feel like leaving the office or home, order through https://www.trycaviar.com/menu/32/mixt-greens. I was able to try both of these salads and was thoroughly impressed by the flavors and freshness.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Point Pigeon Lighthouse

-If you ever get a chance to drive Highway 1 in Northern California I highly suggest you have a camera on you. The sights are truly stunning. I was down to my last few days of holiday vacation so I decided to take a drive. I came across this beautiful lighthouse that was sitting on the edge of a cliff. I immediately pulled over to capture this gorgeous landscape. I must have taken over 50 bracketed shots of this structure. After sifting through all of the drafts I was able to come across one that stood out among the rest.

Stand Tall

Me and The Wife

-Myself and the Mrs. went for an amazing hike in East Bay. It was called Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. The hike was about 7 miles long and was definitely not for the novice. The views and landscapes were breath taking. Along the trail we decided to catch our breath and capture ourselves under the canopy.

Anna’s Hummingbird


In Flight

-After finishing a rigorous semester at Golden Gate University I finally have some free time to get out and do what I love. I was able to get out to the western side of San Francisco. As I was making my way back from Sutro Baths, I came across this little guy pollinating some flowers. I spent nearly 40 minutes trying to capture the perfect shot. As we all know, hummingbirds are extremely fast when in flight. I was able to capture him perched on a branch and in flight. How do I know he’s a he, because males have colored heads. Patience and perseverance pays off.

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

Pica’Pun Signature Hot Sauce

Shrimp Ceviche

Grilled Pork Platter

MOJO Spicy Pickled Sauce

-I recently had a photo shoot with Try Caviar for Pica Pica Maize Kitchen in The Castro, San Francisco, CA. The food looked so delicious and colorful. I was fortunate enough to be invited out to shoot some of their items off the menu. Take a look! Also, check out https://www.trycaviar.com/ and http://www.picapica.com/ to get a better idea of what they can offer you. Enjoy!

Domaine Chandon

California Sunshine

-My wife and I recently went to the winery, Domaine Chandon. Their land, vineyard, and winery is beautiful. One of the best places to capture portraits for a wedding, engagement, or just a regular visit. I thought I’d capture my wife in her element of happiness. I mean, who doesn’t like wine?

Whisker Biscuit

Friendly Feline

Friendly Feline

-Walking down the street in Mission Beach, San Diego when I caught this little guy scaling a little fence along the sidewalk. He was kind enough to stop and pose for the camera.

Nikkor 85mm Prime Lens

Puppy Portrait

-I recently updated some of my camera gear and one of the items purchased was a Nikkor 85mm prime lens. This lens is perfect for capturing stunning portraits. As you can see from the image above the clarity is impeccable. I can’t wait to try this lens out on some of my new clients.

My Photography Featured in K12 Brochure

Page 1

Page 2

-In the Blog Post below this one I mentioned that I was recently invited to come out and capture the students of Flex Academy and K12 in their learning environments. Here is the brochure they created featuring my photography. I was told they were very happy with the results and I can see why.

K12 Photo Shoot

-I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into the Flex Academy located in Downtown San Francisco to photograph students in their learning environment. Each one of these students had unique personalities that lit up the classroom. Feel free to check out their Website at http://www.k12.com/sfflex. This school is taking a different approach to teaching students their curriculum. In the city’s most exciting new high school, the best of online education meets the best of traditional, onsite schooling.


Fall has Fallen

Gas Lamp District, San Diego

-Fall is that time of year when you break out the crockpot, slow cook some comfort food, stay in jammies all day, drink beer, and watch football. It’s rainy, cold, and brisk outside with neighbors, streets, and highways decorated with the traditional autumn colors. Cheers to the change of seasons, because change is good.

San Diego Lit Up

Coronado, CaliforniaHarbor Island, San Diego

-San Diego was kind enough to provide me with a clear crisp night so I could capture its charm. After I took this picture the wind picked up and the water became ruffled, losing that aurora like reflection. I recently purchased a new camera and I can see it’s worth it by the color the images are emitting.

Palace of Fine Arts Night Shots

Presidio, San Francisco

Presidio, San Francisco



The Palace of Fine Arts

Presidio, San Francisco

-The Palace of Fine Arts is such a gorgeous place to visit. This place was so beautiful, that after I captured it in the day, I had to go back and capture it at night.

Shipwreck at Point Reyes

Inverness, CA

-This vessel was found off Route 1 at Point Reyes National Seashore. There is a rustic charm about it. When you see it you can’t help but stare and marvel at its weathered hull. Below are some alternate shots I took.

Weathered Hull

Weathered Hull

Point Reyes Shipwreck

Point Reyes Shipwreck

Field of Gold

Half Moon Bay, CA

-It’s California’s coast line that seems to never stop amazing me with its vast colorful landscapes. I’ve found California to be a photographer’s playground. No matter where my wife and I go we always stumble upon great landscapes that turn out to be gold mines full of fabulous photography. This shot was taken in Half Moon Bay, California.

Basil Pesto Steps

Basil Pesto Steps

-These are the steps I captured for a freelance photography gig I mentioned in the blog post below.

Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto & Sourdough

-Yesterday I came across a freelance job posting on Craigslist that was for tutorial photography. Basically, you needed to show you could capture a sequence of images that would show an individual step-by-step on how to create something. I chose to photograph the steps involved with making pesto. This was my final step. This is basil pesto with sourdough baguette slices. I went from photographer to chef, back and forth, trying to create this ultimate master piece that I could submit as part of my application. My passion really comes out when I’m dealing with food, whether I’m eating it, preparing it, or photographing it. Enjoy this shot as I enjoyed the pesto.

When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

-Yesterday, June 25, 2013, I was feeling down about the lack of creativity and passion I had towards photography. Photography has always been a hobby that truly makes me feel good about myself. It brings out the artist in me. As I was sitting there looking out my San Francisco apartment window, I was wondering why I wasn’t motivated to go out and do photography in a picturesque city. I felt burned out from landscapes, cityscapes, and nightscapes. So I took to my counter and found some typical household items. Once I captured my star subjects. I started the post production process. This process was much different than what I would usually do. My wife and I started coming up with these cliche sayings and matching them with each shot. We came up with this one you see above and the post just below this one. Please take some time to enjoy our fruit and hopefully it will brighten up your day in some capacity.


Feeling Blue

-It’s been a while since I felt inspired to do photography. This may be my new technique. It feels good to be back.

Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill, CA

-Normally I’m afraid of heights, but when I have a camera in my hand I feel like I could care less about the danger and more about the potential picture. I feel safe and secure, like a paratrooper would feel with a parachute strapped to his back while he’s touching down on land again…

Spring Has Sprung

Russian Hill, San Francisco, CA

-The contrast of color and the contrasting subjects in this picture really compliment each other. This picture shows the city’s habitat adapting to the surrounding infrastructure. Out of all the beauty that I’m saturated with in this city, I choose to look down at the sidewalk at the edge of a building to find the flower and the pipe hugging. That purple really pops on that pipe!

A Man’s Two Best Friends

Alta Plaza Park, San Francisco, CA

-A married man with a dog has two best friends. His first friend, his wife, who is constantly there for him by telling him to do the opposite thing that he’s thinking, that he’s preparing to do, that he’s doing, and that he’s done! This man has been having this done to him for over 4 years now. The man has finally realized that his wife, first friend, has been 9/10 on correcting him! The man has finally started to listen to his wife and life is better…

The man’s second friend, his dog, is constantly listening to his commands, following his orders, and staying on his tail (always pun intended) when off leash. This man has been successful with this way of training for over 3 years now. The man noticed 3 years ago that his dog, second friend, has been 9/10 on following all commands. The man realized that his dog is extraordinary at listening.

If only that stubborn man would’ve listened like his dog did…

Tunnel Vision

Bunker Road (Tunnel), Sausalito, CA

-I was on my way to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge when I entered a one lane tunnel that stretched about a 1/2 mile. As I was driving through I noticed I was the only car passing through so I slowed to a crawl and opened my window. I could feel the coolness permeate the interior of my car. The damp moist air was refreshing but the tunnel posed an eerie appearance. If you listened beyond the hum of your engine you could hear water dripping from the ceiling and rolling down the walls. I had to stop and snap this shot. There was no way you could have tunnel vision in here. There was unmasked beauty in this dark dabby corridor and I had to reveal it.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Battery Spencer, Sausalito, CA

-The Golden Gate Bridge is truly a man-made marvel. I shot this across the bridge in Marin County (northern end of the bridge) at a place called Battery Spencer. Battery Spencer was a concrete gun battery that was completed in 1897 and was in continuous service until 1943. You can tell by the view that it had a great vantage point down into the bay. I recommend all photographers and sightseers to visit this location. It’s one of the best views of the bridge and bay.

Lands End

Lands End, San Francisco, CA

-Lands End is literally the end of western San Francisco. Looking out and scanning the vast Pacific Ocean is such a sight to see. The pictures I took can do no justice to how marvelous this place really is. God truly is an artist. He creates such wonders that no man can duplicate.

Parkour Pup

Horseshoe Bay, Sausalito, CA

-I knew my dog Sage was all about running, jumping, and playing, but what I didn’t know was she is all about parkour. Parkour is a holistic training discipline using movement that developed out of military obstacle course training. Basically it’s clearing an object with as little movements as possible. A few days back Sage and I ended up across the Golden Gate Bridge in a little town called Sausalito. We were walking the shoreline when we came across a boat ramp with a concrete wall that progressively grew as it edged towards the water. The wall started out at a foot tall and then maxed out at 6 feet tall. I would tell Sage to “UP UP” on the ledge and then have her walk out to about the 5 foot mark. She would then leap off as I captured her movements. I composed this sequence of her jumping from the top down.

Bay Bridge from Pier 14

Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA

-On my third day of living in San Francisco, CA, I decided to walk down to the Embarcadero. It was a quiet and clear Thursday morning. The only people on the pier were 4 fishermen trying to earn their keep for the day. As I composed this shot, I felt the cool breeze brush across my cheeks. The bay gulls were using the wind to their advantage, gliding around me as they waited for a morsel.

The Soul of America’s Hole

Southern Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ

-The Grand Canyon is a landmark you have to visit and see for yourself.  The pictures and videos you take will never do justice to the actual feeling of witnessing this monstrous sight with your own eyes. When you’re gazing into this vast opening you immediately become smaller than the fly you killed with your windshield on the way over here. I created this HDR  panoramic image by fusing 18 images.


“Da Kaddy”

Meteor Crater, Winslow, AZ

-“Da Kaddy” is one clean ride. We found this ride parked next to a red Chevy wagon in the parking lot of the Meteor Crater outside of Flagstaff, AZ. The interior of this car was completely revamped and updated. In the back seat you could find a case of Coke Zero and a large black sombrero. As I was shooting “Da Kaddy” I was wondering who could be driving this? Could it be a cliché Mexican Gun Slinger that you see in the movies? Nope… it was a kid who could not have been older than 18. This kid didn’t fit the car, but when we started asking him questions about the car you could tell he was as cool as the car was.


Red Wagon

Meteor Crater, Winslow, AZ

-As we made our way across Arizona we kept seeing signs for a meteor crater. We finally decided to go and check it out. When we arrived we parked next to this red Chevy wagon and green Cadillac. While my wife checked to see if dogs were allowed, I found myself shooting these two cars like I was at a mini car show. My wife returned with news that dogs weren’t allowed and there was an $18 entrance fee. I was honestly happier capturing these two archaic gems than capturing a large hole in the ground.

Swing with me

Jemez Pueblo, NM

-After wandering the Jemez Mountains we started heading back to civilization. We found this tree with one lonely red bucket swing dangling from it. Keep in mind there is nothing for 4-5 miles in any direction. Standing before this tree and listening to the cool wind slalom through the high blades of grass gave me a sense of peace. The desert can be ruthless but it  can also be tranquil.

Natural Frame

Jemez Pueblo, NM

-One technique I like to use is called natural framing. As you can see I framed the rock formation inside the fencing. Sometimes capturing just the rock formation can be a bit ordinary. However, if you include some other elements in the photo, it captures more characteristics of the surrounding world.


Red Rock

Jemez Mountain Trail, NM

-I love the contrasting colors in this shot. I’ve always pictured New Mexico to be this desert wasteland with endless miles of flat lands and ugly shrubs. Well… I’ve come to a realization, and that’s that New Mexico is a stunning state with endless landscapes that brighten and fill up the sky line.  I could see myself maybe, just maybe retiring out west. It’s sheer beauty.

Highway 4, NM

Jemez Pueblo, NM

 -The Jemez Mountains proved to be a breeding ground for fantastic landscape photography. I must have shot this rock formation 30 different ways.


New Mexico, Jemez Mountains

Jemez Mountains

-My wife and I were wandering the country side of the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico when we came across what looks to be the remains of a horse (the skull is out of frame). I took this picture because I wanted to capture the elements of the desert and what the effects are on the weak.